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Terms & Conditions of the Artsho Corp.
Applicable to orders placed through this site.

Advertising related:

All banner advertisers are to provide their own banner ad,
in the format of either .gif, .jpg or .jpeg file type.

Advance reservation for web site spots are required. Steps:
1. a visibly vacant area does not mean it is unreserved (as
   a customer's ad may not start until the beginning of the
   next month), so email the desired site name, spot area
   and time period early for us to plan in parallel;
2. we will verify when the desired site/area will be avail-
   able again and then contact you about the schedule status;
3. all the correct required items, listed on our order form,
   must be in our hands no less than 2 complete business days
   before a period start date;
4. if agreed, order the available area with our online form.
5. When two orders are placed for the same site(s), area and
   plan, preference will be given to the order placed first.

A period start date is the first day of each month; unless
specified otherwise, it is on that day that ads are uploaded,
in alphabetical order of our domain names. If that day falls
on a Sunday, then the ads are uploaded on Monday.

A period reserved for banner display will encompass the
time required for Artsho to replace, upload, maintain,
test, verify and revise not only banners, the Alt tags
and associated hyperlinks, but also the web site pages
on which they are program encoded and displayed.

A web site ad area will not be held in reserve, nor is it
reserved because a potential customer has made an inquiry.

An advertisement may not be rotated with any other banner,
as it is to be fixed in place in the area of the available
and applicable pages.

The maximum banner: width = 728 pixels; height = 90 pixels.
An advertiser on 4 pages of 55 sites may use only this size.
Other advertisers may use a banner of smaller dimensions. A
banner may not exceed 28Kb (~28,000 bytes). Animations ok.

For an advertiser who orders one area on one web site:
if a single month is ordered, we include 1 banner upload;
if a quarter is ordered, three total uploads are included
(comprised of one upload per month per web site per area).

Given you reserved an area on a web site for a quarter, and
you wish to display a different banner on that same site in
that same area for the next prepaid month, to run during
that month, do not order a Change. Rather, email us the
different banner, along with the data to be changed, no
less that two complete business days prior to the start
of the desired start date.

For ads by the day, period refers to the days ordered.

For an advertiser who orders the 4 page top spots on 55 
sites, we provide an upload of a total of a single banner
once a period. That single banner is to display on each of
the associated spots. Ordering a Change within this plan
will result in a complete replacement of the existing
banner but only on the applicable page tops of this plan.

A customer desiring to display more than a single banner
simultaneously during a month must reserve an additional
web site area for each additional banner.

When a Change is ordered:
1. For an advertiser on 1 or both page areas of 1 site,
   the banner will be replaced for only 1 of the areas.
2. For an advertiser on one or both page areas of more
   than one site, the banner will be replaced for the
   one selected area on one of the web sites only.
3. For an advertiser on 4 pages of 55 sites, the single
   banner there will be replaced by one single banner.

Not all web page areas are available for reservation; several
areas are intentionally left blank, while others are used for
exclusively different informational or promotional purposes.

Payments made by mail which are not received before the time
period agreed upon may result in the ad being pulled from the
site and may not be hosted unless prior arrangements are made
with us and also confirmed by us via email and/or in writing.

An advertiser who wishes to extend their advertising period
beyond their most recent period at the present web site must
notify us of that intention by email or phone at least five
business days prior to expiration; otherwise, the site spots
will be considered available to others.

We do not accept:
1. holding open any unpaid banner location reservation
2. alcohol related, nuisance or concealed "implanting" ads
3. a link to a banner or image hosted from another web site
4. any type of expansion ad, pop-up or drop down dialog box
5. ads of sites offering/linking to pornography, degrading,
   night clubs, lingerie, bars, dance clubs, witchcraft,
   offensive, fortune telling, gambling, defamatory,
   illegal activity or material(s)
6. information gathering means by an advertiser within our
   web site(s); neither are other observation or recording
   techniques permitted on/in/from one of our web sites.
7. Violations of these conditions, items #1 - 6. According
   to Artsho's own determination, a violating ad will be
   immediately removed from the Artsho Corp. web site(s)
   without additional notice beyond these ground rules.

When viewers use an older browser, disable either images
or javascript, banners may not display on those computers.


All communication related items displayed on any of our sites
must be in the English language.

Minimum service time for each special project is one hour.
This rate is not charged for services previously priced,
unless a customer alters the scope beyond that implied;
in which case, a preliminary quote is required from us.

Placing an order with Artsho does not include any provision 
limiting our business conduct in terms of other customers.

Rates, terms and conditions for Artsho services are subject
to revision with the passage of time, and take effect when
uploaded to the internet. Prepaid service orders received
prior to a revision will be processed at the old rate;
an extension to an order will be at the new rate.

If making payment by mail: we will accept either a money
order or cashiers check, USD, payable to Artsho Corp.;
it must be received before we will accept any order;
send it to the address shown on the order form of:
6351 Granite St., Houston, Texas 77092-4722

It is the sole responsibility of a customer and/or his
agent to assure that Artsho receives the full, correct
information when the order is initially placed, and no
less than five full business days before a customer's
desired date of an undertaking.

We will address problems after notification of the existence.

Artsho Corp. extends no guarantee or warranty in any terms of
system uptime. Further, Artsho does not offer or assume any
form of warranty or liability related or due to a temporarily
unavailable web site, maintenance of the system(s), hacking,
inaccurately provided data, loss or interruption of service,
business or business revenue. Artsho reserves the right to
perform testing and maintenance on any and all of its web
sites and pages at any time and as requirements govern.

Ads placed on Artsho Corp. web sites are not endorsements
by Artsho for the advertisers, their product or service.
Artsho does not attempt to validate or verify the info
provided by advertisers or their agents, and accepts
no burden to do so for their potential customers.

Artsho Corp. retains all rights to continue or discontinue
providing service to any customer.  Artsho Corp. does not
relinquish any right in the intent, purpose, application,
use or final choices of exercising its own discretion in
the process of conducting business.

No other agreement will negate, supplement or override
any element of these conditions and terms unless it is
directly with the owner of Artsho Corp., and then, in
written form only when signed personally by same owner.

Litigation against Artsho Corp. will be conducted within
Harris Co., governed by the State of Texas and US law.

Terms as of: 07-21-07

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